Bookkeeping Bites – Tax Return Extension Warning!

❓❓ Rocking off Big-G’s tax return submission deadline extension ❓❓

💥 🆘. Be careful! Watch the small print! 🆘. 💥

If you want to avoid 💷  💷. paying interest 💷  💷  on the tax you owe, you still need to pay up by the 💥 31st January 2022 💥

😫 Yeah, thanks but no thanks Big G 😫 we will be sticking to the ✅. 31st January submission deadline ✅

For more information on that fine print, check out Big G’s full guidance here

😍😍😍. Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – The Health & Social Care Levy

It means a little shift ⏫⏫up for National Insurance contributions but a WHOLE LOAD of ❤️🧡 difference 🧡❤️ to Health and Social Care..
💥Here is how it will work 💥
⏰ From APRIL 2022 (this year folks, this year) ⏰
🤓National Insurance contributions for working age people will increase by ⬆️1.25%⬆️
🤓That extra 1.25% is the ⛑⛑ health and social care levy ⛑⛑
🤓All payslips should include the following message: “1.25% uplift in National Insurance contributions funds NHS, health and social care”
⏰ From APRIL 2023 ⏰
🤓The 1.25% levy will be 💥SEPARATED OUT 💥from the national insurance contributions
🤓It will also apply to the earnings of those working who are above state pension age
🤓National insurance will ⬇️drop ⬇️to the 2021/22 levels
To find out more, go to HMRC Big G’s update here
😍😍😍Stay safe everyone 💥💥💥

Bookkeeping Bites – Worried about Paying your Taxes?

🤷‍♀️🤷It is a worrying time of year for some 🤷🤷‍♀️ The time to pay up on the taxes front…..
❓❓Are you one of those worrying that you may not be able to pay in time ❓❓
Then contact HMRC as soon as possible and ask about a 💥 TIME TO PAY 💥arrangement….
To find out more, go to this link:
🤓 Don’t leave it until it is too late
🤓Speak to Big G and get a plan in place
😍😍😍Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Welcome Charlotte!

❤️🧡 Today we welcome our new bookkeeper – Charlotte!! 🧡❤️
🤓 Charlotte is a part AAT qualified bookkeeper, working towards her AAT level3 and joins us TODAY!
🤓 Strengthening our team and making us 💥 BETTER 💥 and 💥 STRONGER💥
❤️🧡 Welcome Charlotte! 🧡❤️

Bookkeeping Bites – Time to Remind?

The self assessment deadline is just around the corner 😂😂😂😂
(Well, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t slip a tax reminder into the #Christmas festivities somewhere, wouldn’t it 😂😂😂)
💥 Please remember 💥 31st January 2022 💥 is the deadline to submit your 2020/21 tax return 💥
🎅 Now, lets get back to it 🎅 Where did I put those leftovers???? 🎅

Bookkeeping Bites – The Low Down on the Omicron Grants

✅Old Mr-Dish-The-Rish has been at it again ✅ Bringing some ⛑welcome pain relief ⛑for some with Big G’s Omicron 💷💷 Wallet of Support 💷💷
🤓 And this time it is for the 💥hospitality and leisure sector 💥in the form of COVID Grants
So, what is the 🎙🎙low down 🎙🎙
🤓 It is a ONE OFF grant
🤓 For 💥RATEPAYERS 💥 (who are solvent by the way) in the hospitality and leisure sector only (Dishy-Rishy quoted 🍻pubs 🥗 restaurants 🍷bars 🎥cinemas 🎢 amusement parks as example recipients)
🤓 It is worth UP TO 💥£6000 💥
🤓 Each grant is 💥SCALED 💥based on the 💥RATEABLE VALUE 💥of your business property (so bigger the rateable value, bigger the grant)
🤓Grants will be managed by your local authority
⏰Timings? None mentioned just yet, but as soon as we know, you will know.
🤓 To find out more about this and the other Omicron support measures, check out this article from the pros at Accounting Web
😍😍Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Covid SSP Is BACK Baby!

🤢🤮A bit of a Big G covid come back for sure this one! 🤮🤢
💥💥 Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is BACK 💥💥It is for employers of LESS than 250 employees here is how it works….
🤓 Watch out folks, it is for 💥COVID 💥 related sickness absence ONLY!
🤓 Employers will be REPAID the SSP amount paid to employees
🤓 It is for any period of 💥Covid 💥 related sickness absence starting 💥ON OR AFTER 💥 the 💥21st December 2021 💥
🤓Claims can start to be made from mid-January and you can claim retrospectively
❓❓Wanna know the current SSP rate ❓❓ It is £96.35 a week…
✅✅It ain’t millions but it sure does help ✅✅
For more information, straight from Big G, check out this link here:
😍😍😍Stay safe everyone 😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Happy Tree-Mas Everyone!

🎅 Whilst we eat our Christmas lunch and sip a special tipple
🎅 We will also be feeling super ❤️🧡 GOOD 🧡❤️ about the Christmas #forest we planted for our amazing clients 🎄🌳🌴 100 trees 🌴🌳🎄
🎅 We hope you have an amazing Christmas – enjoy your break 🎅❤️🧡❤️🎅

Bookkeeping Bites – We Are Growing!

❤️🧡❤️🧡 We are SOOOOOO excited!! ❤️🧡 We are GROWING!! ❤️🧡❤️🧡
We are absolutely delighted to 🎙 🎙announce 🎙🎙that we have recruited a new bookkeeper !!
A 💥 wonderful 💥 easy going 💥 fun 💥 part AAT qualified bookkeeper 💥 and we cannot wait to have her on board….
😀 Which means we can support more amazing clients 😀 and 😀 offer more support 😀 We just can’t wait!
💥💥 More to be revealed in January! 💥💥