Bookkeeping Bites – Big G’s VAT Deferal Payment Scheme

It sure is! And what the doodles for

🤓 For all of those who chose to defer VAT payments due between the 💥 20th March and 30th June 2020 💥that’s who!
🧐 If this is you, you can now apply join Big G’s new payment scheme…
This 🤩shizzle-dizzle-scheme🤩 will let you pay your deferred payments via 💥 Interest free 💥 instalments 💥
🧐Yep! You read that right – all you need to do is JOIN the scheme anytime from now until the 21st June 2021…
🧐And soz, you cannot ask us helpful bods to do it for you, it has to be you, as the business owner…
🧐But you can always check out Big G’s most recent guidance on here…..
And keep your 👀 eyes 👀peeled here, as we will keep our 👂ears 👂to the ground on any good old goss on the low down of how it works….
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Don’t Miss Big G’s Big Deadlines!

It is super easy to get completely lost in Big G’s endless round of #hmrcdeadlines for the old C-Dawg…..
So why not let our friends at On The Spot guide you around the 🍥merry-go-whizzle🍥 with this snazzy round up of all the key dates to remember…
🤓 Miss a furlough deadline? 💥 Not any more!💥
🤓 Wonder about the ins and outs of #selfassessment data changes? 💥 No need! 💥
🤓 Lusty-for-a-loan and not sure of when you have to apply by? 💥 No worries! 💥
It is all here, so check it out and keep on the right line of Big G’s BIG MARCH DATES
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – The Demystified World of Tax!

🎶🎶🎶 Mystify…… Demystify with T 🎶🎶🎶

Episode 3 in “Why do we LOVE what we do?”
Dead simple…… We kinda know that tax accounting ain’t a walk in the park…..
That is why we ❤️🧡 LOVE 🧡❤️ what we do… Our very own Teresa is there to help 💥 DEMYSTIFY 💥 the world of tax…
💙💜 Meaning she can help and support small businesses with all of their accounting and tax needs 💜💙
Its the February 😍 Month Of Love 😍and for us, Teresa LOVE of TAX takes us to dizzy heights of happiness!!!
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Did you Defer Your VAT Payment?

Did you choose to defer your #VAT payments between 20th March and 30 June 2020? Yep?

Then choices you do have, my friend, on how you choose to pay it back!
🤓 JOIN the #vatdeferral NEW PAYMENT SCHEME and pay it back in interest free, equal instalments
💥 HMRC‘s new ONLINE SERVICE for this opens between 💥23rd February and 21st June 2021 💥
(Don’t worry, we will give you more info nearer the time!)
🤓 Pay it off in full on or before the 💥 31st March 💥
🤓 Call Big G via the old blower by 💥 30th June 💥 if you need EXTRA HELP
Want to find out more Check out Big G’s updated guidance here:
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Big G’s Furlough Error!

Crikey! This was a bit of a 🤯🙄“hair-up-on-the-back-of-the-neck-moment” 🙄🤯

Reading that HMRC-Big-G had made a little, ah-hem, 🐔cock-a-doodle-do-up 🐔on their furlough calculator in January 🙈🙈🙈
🤓 See this article from our friends at AccountingWeb
🤓Thankfully, it does not apply to any of our clients..
🤓 And as we use the calculator as ONLY a back up to our own calculations, we allowed the hair to relax a little!!
💥💥 Oh and one more thing 💥💥 deadline for January furlough claims to be submitted by the end of today 💥💥
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Bookkeeping Tree of Love

Episode 2 in “Why do we LOVE what we do?”

🌳🌴“The Bookkeeping Tree of Love” 🌴🌳
With each branch giving you something USEFUL for your small business
💜 The branch of ⏰ saving time ⏰?
💙 The branch of 💰 saving money 💰?
💚 The branch of spot on, hot off the press, accurate money-in, money-out out info?
💛 The branch of 👩‍🎓INFORMED 👩‍🎓decisions?
Well, the 🌳🌴Bookkeeping Tree of Love 🌴🌳 offers you all of those….
Using knowledge, experience, accounting software to help you save time and money to leave you in your business, to do what you do best…. Make money.
Its the February Month Of Love and for us, the 🌳🌴The Bookkeeping Tree of Love 🌴🌳 sums it all up!
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – January Furlough Claim Deadline!

Now, we could be reminding you, that tat this time of year, you need to buy that 💜 valentines card 💜 order that home delivered restaurant meal 💜 arrange that special little gift 💜 But nah that ain’t us.

You’d be disappointed if we did. Because the ONLY thing that is important about the 💥MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY 💥 for us is….

That it is 💥 Big G’s 💥 deadline 💥 for the submission of ALL JANUARY 2021 furlough CLAIMS 😂😂😂😂

For February, the deadline is the 💥15th 💥 (A week on Monday)

🤯 A bit weird as for all other months it has been the 14th…

🤯 Perhaps Big G is going soft and gooey in his old age, and wanted to leave the 14th to the Month Of Love…?

But it is loud and clear in Big G’s ditty about all this stuff, just check it out here

😆 Call us dull (us? Never!) 😆 but not one to miss 😆

😍😍😍 Happy smooching peeps, we love ya! 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Happy Birthday Teresa!

💛🧡❤️ To us it means ❤️ work experience ❤️ and ❤️ knowledge ❤️ As this February, it is 19 years since our very own Teresa became a Chartered Accountant ❤️🧡💛
💜 But what does this mean to us? 💜
Well, apart from just LOVING her 💥brains 💥 brawn AND 💥 techy-tax-tips 💥 Teresa’s 🧡 knowledge 🧡 experience and 🧡 QUALIFICATIONS 🧡 means WE:
❤️ Have an open hotline for any technical accounting query, we don’t know the answer to (I know, hard to imagine, right? 😍😂)
🧡 Have an AWESOME structure of WORK REVIEW…
(“What the hells does that mean?” We hear you say! Well, for instance, ALL of our VAT returns are checked by Teresa after our return preparation.👍 Cool 👍right?)
💛 Stay true to our ETHICAL principles – having Teresa as a guide and support, helps us practice in an ethical way (we ain’t ever going against Big G, we can tell ya!)
Need I say more? February is our month of love for our Teresa – a true GEM, BEAUTY and TAX GENIUS!!
You can find out more about Teresa at her Facebook page, here
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Myth Busting!

Episode 1 in “Why do we LOVE what we do?”

We LOVE our work because we LOVE to bust those myths about bookkeeping!
Heard the ones about…
🤓 Bookkeeping is JUST data entry? No way! We do so much more – getting your money in the right place, so your accounts are tip-top and ready for your accountant 💜
🤓 “Don’t need one, I can do it myself” Well, I am sure you can give it a go! But did you know we have over 50 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience and oodles of qualifications between us ? That ain’t an overnight thing for sure!
 🤓 “No point having a bookkeeper, I have Quickbooks, and the advert says that can do it all” Heard of the saying ‘Rubbish in, rubbish out’? Well, if you don’t know what you are putting in, how will Quickbooks know what to put out?
(Oh and we are an approved Quickbooks Proadvisor AND Xero Certified Advisor, by the way 😀)
Its the February Month Of Love – and we LOVE what we do – why not let us bust YOUR bookkeeping myths?
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍

Bookkeeping Bites – Fancy £4000?

💜💙We love it when we find dosh for our clients💙💜

There is a nifty little Big G 💥£4000 💥give away, available EVERY tax year, to EVERY employer called the ‘Employer National Insurance (NI) Allowance’….
It kinda means that, as an employers, you don’t have to cough up the first £4k of any employer NI…. Nice give away, huh?
And guess what?
💙 Working with two new employer clients last week
💜 During their payroll onboarding checks
💙 We discovered neither had been elected for the £4k allowance by their previous bookkeeper
💜 They ARE eligible
💙 We HAVE elected them for it
💜 They save themselves up to £4k!
😍 It sure is the February Month Of Love and we are spreading it! 😍
Wanna find out more about the allowance? Check out the guidance here 
😍😍😍 Stay safe everyone 😍😍😍